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Swebbo is our flagship software which has been designed with parents and schools in mind, our software will help you silently monitor everything that happens on ANY Windows PC or Laptop!. Swebbo is available in 2 versions, a FREEWARE version which is basic and only monitors keystrokes, or a PROFESSIONAL version which will monitor just about everything they do on ANY Windows PC or Laptop.

You might have the need for a keylogger or cyber bully monitor and don't want to pay the high prices that some companies are charging for their software, in some cases we have seen keylogger software being sold for $97 with an ongoing monthly or yearly fee!. Our SWEBBO keylogger is only 1 price FOR LIFE with NO ongoing fees and only a very small and reasonable $20 price tag!

Here are just SOME of the features & benefits with Swebbo Keylogger & Parental Monitor;

  Keystroke Recorder - Monitor Every Key Pressed (Free & Pro Version)
  Program Monitor - Monitor Every Program Used (Pro Version Only)
  Real-Time Playback - Playback EVERYTHING As It Happened (Pro Version Only)
  Screenshot Recorder - Take Screenshots At Regular Intervals (Pro Version Only)
  Clipboard Monitor - Monitor ALL Clipboard Activity (Pro Version Only)
  Webcam Monitor - Monitor ALL Webcam Activity (Pro Version Only)
  Stealth & Hotkey (Pro Version Only)
  Free Updates For Life Of Product
  100% Portable
  Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and now Windows 8 Compatible!
  No Virus, Spyware OR Adware In Our Software EVER!.

The only PRO keylogger you will ever need....

When we look back to our own childhood we see that things have not only changed, but changed for the worse!. These days we have CCTV cameras and 6ft high steel gates protecting our children and for good reason too. Quite simply put they are not safe in our society any more, the advent of the computer and especially the internet has created a social boiling pot which pedophiles use to contact their victims, often pretending to be someone else such as another child etc.

Our software will give you all the proof you need in case you need to contact the police and get things stopped before they get any worse. Facebook for example will record all private chats and a simple username would be all they need to trace the real user, this gives the police a most important tool which will stop pedophiles and cyber bullies dead in their tracks. Some of the features are outlined above for the PRO version of SWEBBO!.

How will our software help you protect your child from harm? You only have to install our software (SWEBBO) onto your child's PC or Laptop and set it to run in stealth and auto capture at start, when your child visits any website, forum or porn site etc SWEBBO will record EVERYTHING for you and if you have the PRO version you can even send the log files remotely to your email address or FTP account. You then simply look through the days activity and if you see anything nasty, suspicious or that may harm your child you can then take action.

There are many signs to look out for with your child, they may become withdrawn, not eating properly any may have mood swings and rebel against authority such as school etc. These are all things to look out for and if your child is behaving in this way, sit down and talk to them.

Which version would you like to try today? Click the FREE version box to download the FREEWARE (basic) version which only covers keystrokes, or click the PRO version box to visit the PRO version page for more information.